Buy Pu-erh tea cake

Buy authentic Pu-erh tea cake

Valley Green Tea offers a range of Pu-erh tea cakes for your experience with this time tested product, for enjoyment and health: raw and ripened, quality graded, young and aged, from 50g to 400g.

What is Pu-erh tea

  1. produced predominately in the Yunnan Province
  2. tea plant being arbour trees instead of tea bushes
  3. mostly compressed into cake, bricks or Tuocha
  4. with a unique characteristic of post fermentation

Pu-erh tea cakes

Cake has been and still is the most traditional form of Pu-erh tea manufacturing. The traditional weight of a Pu-erh cake is 357g, also called 'Qi-Zi-Cha-Bing' by the locals. Various other shapes and weights have since been added for the convenience of consumption.


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