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Lotus leaf slimming tea

This herbal remedy is made from a traditional remedy: lotus leaf, Oolong tea, Gynostemma and other herbs proven to be slimming effective. It has a refreshing taste with gentle and sustainable effects.
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Pu-erh lotus mini tuocha

This Pu-erh lotus mini tuocha is made of premium raw pu-erh blended with lotus leaves. Both of the ingredients have been reported to have weight reduction effects and the blend is refreshing. Production year: 2014
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buy slimming teaBuy herbal slimming tea (Chinese weight loss tea) online

Weight management is a challenge for many living with the modern lifestyle in a fast pace society as ours. We do not believe there a magic solution here. An optimal result can be however achieved by a good package: health diet, active life style and effective aids, which teas can be one of them.

Chinese weight loss tea

At Valley Green Tea, we offers some natural herbal slimming products to lend a helping hand. Not only all main ingredients are reported in Chinese medicine to have weigh loss properties, they also offer many other health benefits: rich in anti-oxidant to assist in lowing blood cholesterol and blood pressure, fighting infections and cancers, anti-ageing; calming and energy boosting; relief of constipation and bloatingness and many more.

  1. Lotus leaf herbal tea - a 100% herbal remedy made of 6 natural herbs known to Chinese herbal medicine for assisting in weight loss
  2. Lotus leaf Pu-erh tea - a harmonic blend of Lotus leaf and Pu-erh tea, both know for reducing lipid (fat) deposit in the body


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