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Pu-erh beginner's trial pack

This a Pu-erh variety sample pack including four 25g samples:25g X raw premium loose, 25g X ripened premium loose, 25g X raw Peacock Country cake, 25g X Yunya premium cake. It is a sample pack for a Pu-erh beginner to get a taste of both loose and compressed, raw and ripened Pu-erh to form a firsthand opinion as to what to purchase next.
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Pu-erh raw (Sheng) tea trial pack

This a Pu-erh variety sample pack including 4 of the most popular raw Pu-erh samples: 25g X raw premium loose, 25g X raw XiaGuan Tuocha, 25g X raw 8582 brick, 25g X raw Peacock Country cake. It is a sample pack for those who are interested in trying out a varieties of raw (Sheng) Pu-erh teas to decide what to purchase.
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Buy Pu-erh tea sample pack

In additional to the sample packs of individual teas, we offer a Pu-erh tea sample variety pack which contains 4 X 25g of samples: 2 loose and two cakes of our most popular teas. It is designed for Pu-erh beginners to sample some very basics of Pu-erh teas. 

Pu-erh tea varieties 

We understand that Pu-erh teas could be relatively new to some tea consumers. With so many variations:

  • raw (Sheng, uncooked) or ripened (Shou, cooked)
  • different shapes: cakes, bricks, Tuocha and loose
  • harvested from different areas: eg Yi-Bang (倚邦), Ge-Deng(革登), Mang-Zhi (莽枝), Man-Zhuang(蛮砖), You-Le (攸乐) and Yi-Wu(易武)
  • harvested in different seasons: spring tea, summer tea, autumn tea 
  • different ages
  • different tree types: ancient tea trees, wild arbour tea trees, plantation tea trees etc

It could be hard sometimes for consumers to know where to start, especially those who are naive to Pu-erh teas

We therefore have put together some sample packs of various combinations for those who just want to test the water before committing to a full cake, Tuocha or brick. 

Pu-erh tea related questions and discussions

Any feedback of particular requests or concerns are much appreciated through: 




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