Lotus leaf slimming tea

Lotus leaf slimming tea

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This herbal remedy is made from a traditional remedy: lotus leaf, Oolong tea, Gynostemma and other herbs proven to be slimming effective. It has a refreshing taste with gentle and sustainable effects.
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Natural Shape is a Lotus-Oolong blend weight loss tea exclusively supplied by Valley Green Tea.

This Lotus Leaf-Oolong/Wulong blend is the one we most recommend for those looking to control their body weight. (Please see our customer reviews for the effectiveness of this tea by clicking on the 'product review' tab next to the 'Description' tab.) It is made of 100% herbs and contains no man made laxatives. It achieves its results through alternating appetite towards low energy foods, reducing energy absorption in the digestive system and increasing body metabolism rates and energy expenditure.

The botanic name of Lotus is Nelumbo Nucifera.  It is also known as sacred lotus in China and India. All parts of this plant have been used in traditional Chinese medicines for various therapeutic functions. Recent attention however has been focusing on the anti-obesity effects of its leaves: The lotus leaf, mixed with common tea leaves, and made into tea, is a potent concoction for preventing heatstroke, lowering blood lipid levels and treating obesity.”

Some published research reports are listed below:

  1. Nutrition & Metabolism 2010,  “Lotus leaf extract and L-carnitine influence different processes during the adipocyte life cycle”
    (Full report at: http://www.nutritionandmetabolism.com/content/7/1/66)
  2. Journal of Biomedical Science 2010,  “Antiobesity and hypolipidemic effects of lotus leaf hot water extract with taurine supplementation in rats fed a high fat diet”
    (Full report at: http://www.jbiomedsci.com/content/17/S1/S42)
  3. Journal of Ethnopharmacology(2006) “Anti-obesity effect of Nelumbo nucifera leaves extract in mice and rats”
    (Full report at: http://www.fitoica.com/Biblioteca/Revistas/Journal%20of%20Etnopharmacology/2006/N8/14.pdf)


Lotus leaf, Oolong tea (Wulong tea), Gynostemma leaf (Southern Ginseng), Honey suckle flower etc.,

(You could also purchase 100% Jiao-Gu-Lan herbal tea from our website under the product category of 'Herbal Tea'.)

Customer feedbacks:

  1. pleasant & refreshing to drink
  2. changed appetite - less craving for fatty and sugar rich food
  3. weight loss
  4. energy level increase
  5. better sleep

For best results:

  1. Brew strong tea: The first infusion is the most effective one. The second infusion could still be used as beverage, but will not be as effective as the first infusion.
  2. Drink the tea on an empty stomach (ie. in between meals or before meals.)
  3. We recommend using 2-3 tea bags per day with a minimum consumption period of 1-2 months.
  4. No additional dietary is required. After a period of regular consumption of Lotus Leaf Herbal Tea, a change in appetite may be noticed, including a reduced desire for rich and fatty foods.
  5. We however do recommend to combine with a healthy diet and active lifestyle to achieve the optimal outcome.


Not suitable for pregnant women or during menstruation.

For pregnancy: it is a principle of practice in medicine that pregnancies should be ‘drug free’ if possible, including the very mild agents such as caffeine or herbs. In addition, we discourage attempts to lose weight during pregnancy as this is the period that both the mother and the foetus require sufficient amount of energy and nutrients.

For menstruation period: Lotus leaf has a ‘cooling’ effect and has a potential to reduce blood flow. According Chinese medicine, women’s blood should flow smoothly during their menstruation periods, otherwise cramps may occur.


3g * 20 bags/box.

Preparation instruction:

1 tea bag per cup, 2-3 per teapot. Add freshly boiled water and serve after 2-3 minutes. The delicate flavour is best appreciated without addition of milk or sugar.


Thursday, 04 February 2010

Awesome tea, always look forward to my tea. Been having a cup before each meal and in between and have lost weight and less appertite. I am now off my diabetic tablets as it has been normal since after drinking the tea. Always make sure I have extra in stock. Thank you for a great tea.


Tuesday, 01 September 2009

Light pleasant tasting tea, have never been a huge fan of some tea\'s but find I really look forward to having my cuppa now. I have 1 before each meal and 1 at night and have definitely felt less bloated. Thanks also for the great service you provide.\r\n\r\nDeanne\r\nMon 31st Aug 2009


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Fabulous tea. I can\'t get enough of it. I put a single jasmine pearl with it and it is delicious. I have 4-5 bags per day and since i started using this tea regularly I have lost 10 kg - that\'s since 26/09/08. I have more energy and can do more excercise as a result. I don\'t feel like I\'m dragging my heels under a puffy bloated body. The taste is wonderful. An excellent tea. Thank you.

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